Annual Holiday Pie Pickup Choose from Apple Bourbon Pecan, Burnt Caramel Pear, Black Bottom Pumpkin & Salty Choc Chess! Orders close Nov19th.

Neighborhood Bakery Coming Soon in Greenville, SC


1540 Wade Hampton Blvd, Suite G, Greenville, SC • 8am-4pm M-F / 9-3 Sa • Breakfast, Lunch, Fresh Bakery Goods & Orders


Hi, I’m Jeannie

We started Bossy Baker in 2015 as a mobile baking business that sold at pop-up shops and farmers markets. We added an "s" in 2019 when we decided to open a brick and mortar and hire a team. We’re aiming to open this fall (maybe you saw our Kickstarter project about that).

Bossy Bakers is owned and operated by Jeannie—who goes bonkers for farms and spends hours experimenting in the kitchen—and Justin Hall—who has smoking keyboard fingers and a day job as a creative director for a local tech company.

We love foods that you can feel good eating and that keep you feeling good later. You should be able to pick out a cupcake with ingredients that you can pronounce, a sandwich that gives you energy instead of a 1pm slump, and a soda that refreshes you with local fruit flavors without making your teeth tingle from extra sugar. We'll serve you delicious food that your body will love you for eating.



Follow @bossybakersco on Instagram for a peek behind the scenes.