Meet the Baker.


Hi, I'm Jeannie. I was raised in Wisconsin by a couple avid pie-makers. Though I moved far away, I was always going to be a baker. My two favorite things are logs of butter and brightening people’s days. The best way I know to check both boxes is by sharing what comes from my mixer, oven, and baking sheets.

I've worked in a commercial bakery, but using artificial flavorings to make my cake more white, or red food coloring to make my icing look more strawberry isn’t for me. I want the bold flavors of real, local, fresh ingredients to speak (loudly!) for themselves. I think a perfectly baked cake with just the right amount of fluffy buttercream swirled on top or a fudgy, gooey slice of chocolate pie wrapped in flakey, buttery crust are beautiful things all on their own.


      Jeannie Hall
     Bossy Baker



What we’re made of.


Real Ingredients

My ingredients are who they say they are. When you taste vanilla, it’s really vanilla. That strawberry you’re tasting? Actual strawberry.

That’s why even our vanilla flavored cakes aren’t bleached white. We make everything with real ingredients, never artificial flavorings.


Honest Vibes

“Bossy” can be used to label people (especially women and girls) who stand up and speak out. But being honest about what’s going on is a good thing—a clear plus of being bossy. 

Our ’cakes have loud personalities and big flavors. And they don’t apologize for them.


Sharing Together

Food should be savored and shared, not just used as replacement fuel cells. That’s why we make cupcakes by the dozen and pies sliced into perfectly sized portions of goodness, ready to be shared with a friend.

Or enjoyed by just you, because sometimes we most need to share with ourselves. It’s been a rough year.



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